Season 2, AY 2019-2020

Season 2 Trailer

E07 Citational Politics, Oct 2019

E08 Cuts Like a Knife, with Amanda Fields and Rachel Moritz, Oct 2019

E09 Accessing an Education, with Lindsey Dolich Felt, Dec 2019

E10 She Speaks, with Cristina Ramirez and Jess Enoch, Jan 2020

E11 A New Kind of Resolution, with RS Team, Feb 2020

Season 1, Spring 2019

Season 1 Trailer

E01 Keeping Out Grendel, with Laura Gonzales, Mar 2019

E02 Trump That: Democracy and Demagoguery with Patricia Roberts-Miller, Apr 2019

E03 A Tale of Two Demagogues with Ryan Skinnell and Jennifer Mercieca, Apr 2019

E04 Shaking Complacency with Lauren Oakes and Emily Polk, May 2019

E05 Reading on Screen with Ellen Carillo, June 2019

E06 Stories from Stanford’s Notation in Science Communication, July 2019