RS Season 1, Trailer

Welcome to Rhetorically Speaking, the podcast that explores how and why rhetoric matters in the world around us. Wanna know more about season 1? Then, listen up, rhetorically speaking.

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CASSIE (Host): Hi, I’m Cassie Wright, Lecturer in the Stanford University’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric. I’m starting a new podcast called Rhetorically Speaking, where myself and some of my illustrious colleagues come together to unpack how and why rhetoric matters in the world around us. This season, we dive into some deep topics, from language and diversity, to communicating environmental justice, to questions concerning information literacy and fake news and questions about language, able-bodiedness and accessibility.  Along the way, we interview some really smart people on cool work they’re doing inside and outside of the academy, and occasionally we even highlight some pretty impressive student work. The goal here is to help listeners better understand the role rhetoric plays in our everyday interactions and identities.

We plan on producing this content around regular segments that we’re calling “In the World,” “On the Page” and “In the Class” respectively which will be united by a given episode’s theme. And we will occasionally drop some special minicasts to build out fuller conversations around a given theme and highlight people and programs doing the good work on the ground.

Our pilot episode drops March 15, 2019–for those of you in writing and rhetoric studies, that’s during 4Cs Pittsburgh–and we talk to Laura Gonzales, author of Sites of Translation, to help us tackle some of the challenges concerning and commitments to language and diversity in the 21st century.

So, yeah, we’re trying some things out, and we’re hoping you reach out and let us know how we are doing. So we’re going to make an early ask: Talk to us, let us know how we’re doing and how you might like to be involved. You can email us at rhetspeakingpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. And don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and wherever else you get your podcasts from. Thanks so much for listening. It’s gonna be a wild ride, So buckle up, rhetorically speaking.

[Music: “Stage 1, Level 24” by Monplasir]