E08 Cuts Like a Knife

In the past twenty years in the US, the rate of cesarean births has more than doubled; and global rates of cesarean are seeing an equally unprecedented increase. And yet, maternal mortality is also on the rise in the US, which means cesarean is perhaps not quite a medical panacea. Still, about 1 in 3 U.S. women has a cesarean. And black mothers and mothers of color face about three times as high the risk of maternal mortality. What does this all mean for how we talk about and process the risks and rhetoric of birth, women’s bodies, and cesarean surgery in this country? Join us as we talk to Amanda Fields and Rachel Moritz, editors of My Caesarean.

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Hear Amanda and Rachel read from My Caesarean

Amanda reading from her contributing essay “Pulled into Brightness”

Rachel reading from Soojin Pate’s essay, “Her C-Section and Hysterectomy”

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