E01 Keeping Out Grendel

In our pilot episode we tackle the payoffs and pushback around centering language and diversity in our classrooms and communities. “In the World” unpacks the  U.S. English Only Movement, its roots in Western literature, and its uncomfortable consequences at Duke University‚Äôs medical school. In “On the Page” we talk with Dr. Laura Gonzales about her new book Sites of Translation. And “In the Class” Stanford sophomore Adamari Alamillo shares her research on linguistic profiling.

In the World, or What’s Beowulf Got to Do with It?

Access E01 In the World transcript here

On the Page

This episode’s On the Page features Laura Gonzales’ Sites of Translation (full interview)

Access E01 On the Page complete interview transcript here

In the Class

Dr. John Baugh explains and Stanford Sophomore Adamari Alamillo shares her work on linguistic profiling

Access E01 In the Class transcript here

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