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Current Broadcast Schedule: Last week of every month

Season 2 premiered fall 2019 with E07 Citational Politics, a minisode that reflects on the ethics and implications of citational politics. Other episodes from the season include E08 Cuts Like a Knife (Oct), where we talk to Amanda Fields and Rachel Moritz, editors of My Caesarean, about the risks and rhetoric around birth and cesarean in the U.S. In E09 Accessing an Education, Lindsey Dolich Felt helps us explore the rhetoric and implications of designing inclusive learning spaces and practices. E10 She Speaks features Cristina Ramirez and Jess Enoch, and centers on their recent bilingual women-centric anthology, Mestiza Rhetorics. In our newest episode, E11 A New Kind of Resolution, the RS team examines our New Year’s resolutions, and talk about Jenny Odell’s book How to Do Nothing.